Required Reading 2: The ESOP Company Board Handbook demo

Serving on any corporate board is a serious responsibility. Serving on an ESOP company board adds the additional responsibility of understanding how ESOP law and best practices interact with corporate law and best practices. Special ESOP issues such as valuation, the repurchase obligation, S corporation anti-abuse rules, monitoring fiduciaries, stricter considerations for executive pay, and responding to takeover bids demand at least a working knowledge of ESOP requirements. This book helps board members navigate through these issues. You will learn how ESOP company boards actually function from interviews with a number of outside directors, what your corporate and ESOP responsibilities are, how to think about executive pay, and more. The final chapter provides a detailed review of ESOP basics for board members.

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REMEMBER: Reading this book is a required element of the course. Please don’t move on until you have completed your reading.

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