If there isn’t a seat at the table, bring a folding chair or set up your own table

Ka’Neda Bullock founded her own wealth management company in 2019. Master Plan Investment Group specializes in helping young and mid-career professionals (30-50-year-olds) and women develop clear financial plans that align with their investment strategy. The company also manages employee retirement plans. Ka’Neda’s interest in entrepreneurship and ownership stems from mentorship she was offered during her student days at Smith College—she strongly believes in saying YES to opportunity and creating the future. A certified financial planner before the age of 40, Ka’Neda knows how to succeed in a highly regulated industry. Unimpressed by some of the governance practices she has observed in big companies, Ka’Neda has strong ideas about the value and composition of her own advisory board today. She talks to Budd Berro.

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