Help with Course Purchase and Access

  1. From the COURSES tab on the toolbar, click on the course you are interested in purchasing.

NOTE: When you reach the Course page, is your status “NOT ENROLLED”? If you answered yes, continue with these instructions. If your Status is showing ENROLLED, please see below for instructions on how to return to your course.

  1. To enroll from the course page, under the “Get Started” heading, click “PAY NOW”
  2. You will be brought to a verification page – doublecheck that the course you want to buy is displayed. If it all looks OK, click “ADD TO CART”
  3. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, check to see that your shopping cart icon has a red number one. That confirms that your selection is now in your cart.
  4. Click on the shopping cart icon and your cart contents and their cost will appear.
  5. Click the blue “Checkout” bar to continue your checkout process.
  6. Click proceed to checkout and supply all necessary billing information.

When you complete the checkout process an invoice and course registration letter will be sent to the email address provided. Please read this information carefully to confirm course selection and instructions for accessing the course.

Do you need help logging in for the first time?

  1. First things first, the link to log in is:

  1. Once you are on the login page, your username is the email address you use for your PDA account. Your default login password is ESOP2021.

Username: Your PDA account email address
Default Password:  ESOP2021

NOTE: You can change the password after you are logged in.

Are you a returning user and want to get back to your course?

  1. First things first, the link to log in is:

  1. On the login page you will have to re-enter your credentials. Remember, your username is the email from your PDA account. Your default password is ESOP2021 and it is pre-loaded.

Username : Your PDA email address
Password: Either default password (preloaded) or your reset password

NOTE: If you have changed your password, enter your new password to return to the course.


To change your password:


  1. Log in to your PDA Education account:

  1. Click the “lost your password” link

Provide your PDA username. A link to change or recover your password will be sent to the email of record on your PDA account

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